Bad news seems to travel a lot faster than good news these days, so when we have a success story we do like to crow about it.  

We were contacted by a client who was literally at her wits end with her property sale. Her house had been on the market for nearly 9 months and a buyer in tow for close to six months, but no exchange of contracts!  A few simple questions revealed that the buyer hadn’t even had a survey... oh dear! There’s clearly something not right here! The agent dealing with sale (who was like the scarlet pimpernel to get hold of apparently) said everything was fine and a survey was paid for and would be booked in soon... don’t worry! We asked the client to simply ask the agent for the purchasers broker details so they could confirm all was well… as the agent had said. The agent was unable to confirm the details as he didnt have them so he was just taking the purchasers word that all was fine when clearly it wasn’t. Remember the client is the one paying the bill not the purchaser and they expect a service worth paying for.

The vendor now enlightened that something was amiss was advised to withdraw from the agent. The agent then demanded to be paid and threatened solicitors action if he wasn’t... not such a nice guy now!

The house was then re-marketed and a new buyer found within 48 hours. Their financial ability to proceed was checked and certified by the broker and a survey was booked in within 24 hours of the offer being accepted. Four weeks later the buyers and their chain were ready to exchange and they take possession of their new home in January. Very happy clients!


For professional and honest advice go to a professional and honest Estate Agent! Richard Godsell